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Lease Department

Learn About Ford Car Leasing in Abbotsford

When you enter into a car lease, you don’t actually own the vehicle. This scares some people off, but believe it or not there are advantages to this. By leaving the vehicle ownership with the lease company, you can drive a vehicle of your choice for a lower payment and upgrade to a newer vehicle more often.
Still not sure about leasing versus auto financing? Once you’re in a car lease, it isn’t the end of the world. When your term is up, you have the option to buy or finance your vehicle for a reduced price. So, if you fall in love with your lease you don’t have to worry about letting the car go. If you’re worried about being stuck in a lease, there are also options to help you get out of a lease and transfer it to a different vehicle.
Lease terms and payments vary from vehicle to vehicle, but some common terms will between 24 and 48 months. We mentioned that leasing a vehicle is cheaper. Did that pique your interest? Consider some of the other differences between financing and leasing:


Financing or Leasing - Which is Right for Me?

  1. Leasing has a lower initial cost. Many new lease agreements don’t require a down payment, making them easy to get into. Usually all you will need to provide is one month’s payment and a security deposit.
  2. Leasing payments are lower than financing. If you’re looking to stretch your budget, or want a vehicle with more features but can’t account for the additional price in financing, then leasing can be a great option. Lease payments on a vehicle will generally be less than financing on a comparable model, so you can do more with your money.
  3. Avoid the Hassle of Trade-Ins. If you get tired of your financed vehicle, you’ll have to either trade it in or arrange a private sale. Both options can have a degree of hassle. When you lease a vehicle, the value is predetermined at the start of the lease. If it’s worth less by the end of your contract, the leasing company assumes full responsibility. Unlike financing, you can never be “upside down” on a lease.
  4. Get a new vehicle more often with leasing. With a lease, it’s easier and more convenient to upgrade to a newer model. You also avoid many of the costs of vehicle maintenance, as you can upgrade before most warranties run out.
  5. Pay less tax on a lease. When you finance a vehicle, you have to pay tax on the entire value of your purchase. When leasing, you only pay tax on your monthly payment. This can be a great cash saver for small businesses looking to submit vehicle tax deductions.


Lease-End Options

It’s your decision what to do at the end of the lease. You can:

  • Return the vehicle and lease another one the suits your current needs.
  • Purchase the vehicle for the pre-established price.
  • Return the vehicle to the leasing dealer and “walk away”


Kilometer Options

Magnuson Ford offers a range of leasing terms with options and payments to accommodate different needs. Depending on the amount of driving you do, leases can be based on low kilometers (16,000 kms/year) or high kilometers (25,000 kms/year) making it possible to avoid any penalties at the end of your lease contract.

Don Curtis

Sales Manager

Don was born and raised in Southern Alberta before making the move to beautiful Abbotsford. He has three adult children and is very actively involved in the community. His free time is spent serving as a Director on the Board of the Abbotsford Agrifair and a Chairman of the Mighty Fraser Rodeo. Don has worked at Magnuson Ford since 1998 and is looking forward to many more years here.


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