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Female Car Sales Experts: Wheels & Heels

At Magnuson Ford we believe in making everyone’s buying experience as positive and comfortable as possible. Buying a car should be an exciting experience, and we truly believe it.

We also understand that for many women, car buying can be an off-putting experience, even though the vast majority of car purchases are ultimately influenced by women. Many women have regularly reported frustration or intimidation by what they perceive as an industry run by pushy and Type-A male sales associates, which doesn’t at all mesh with how they want to carry out a major financial decision; they regularly express a desire to consult with another woman, instead.

Don’t be condescended to. Don’t feel like someone is looking at you as an easy mark.

At Magnuson Ford, we have always looked at women’s car sales from a different perspective. And we’ve done this by promoting women within the company to leading sales positions. Our team of car-loving female sales associates better know what the typical female car buyer is looking for, how women purchase vehicles, and the pleasant and pressure-free experiences that make women tell their friends to come and buy their next vehicle at Magnuson.

Today, women make up a huge part of the vehicle market and in Canada; in fact, more than 50% of new vehicle buyers are women. This realization deserves special attention, and at Magnuson Ford we have the perfect solution. From heels to wheels, Taryn Smith is the perfect sales experts to give you that relaxed and right type of interaction.

Taryn is the perfect answer to our over-arching and foundational question, “How can we better serve our customers?”

“I enjoy dealing with female buyers for the simple reason that I can relate to their buying experience. In a multi-billion dollar a year industry women control 85% of the purchase decision whether it is as a single woman, partnership couples, or as a family purchase.” ~Taryn Smith

To book an appointment with Taryn Smith, please contact us online, or call our Sales Department at 1-855-727-7201.

Read the article featuring Taryn Smith titled, Keeping Ford Clients Satisfied.

Ralna Burridge

Financial Service Manager

I have practically grown up in the car industry starting from a sales representative and working my way into various sales management positions. This industry has helped me grow immensely as a person and it has truly been a honour to watch the industry change to better reflect the important role women play within in.

Taryn Smith

Customer Service and Technology Manager

Taryn is in her eighth year working for the Magnuson Family at both of their Ford locations. She joined the automotive industry in 2007 starting first in the Parts Department and moving to Customer Service and Business Development after a few short years. Taryn is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology at Simon Fraser University and spends her free time at ball field. Coaching youth softball is a passion of hers and she enjoys giving back to the community through her volunteer work with sports.
With women now being decision makers in more than 50% of all vehicle purchases, I think it is critical that the car industry evolve to better cater to the female buy. Being a part of this change has been incredibly motivating and in the last 10+ years working in the automotive industry I have watched female associates continue to fill positions that were previously male dominated. At Magnuson Ford we are very proud of our female staff and work very hard to continue to be part of the movement.


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